St. Ann's Bay Development Association

The St. Ann's Bay Development Association (SABDA) began in 1992, and was incorporated as a Nova Scotia Society in 1993. The Association represents the residents living along and around a 72-kilometre stretch of the Cabot Trail, from South Haven at the St. Ann's Bay turnoff at Highway 105 to the foot of Cape Smokey.

In 1994, SABDA undertook a survey of all households in the covered area, and, based on the results of that survey, developed its current Strategic Plan for Community Social and Economic Development.

Our Vision

The vision of SABDA is to maintain and enhance the quality of life in the St. Ann's Bay Community by encouraging action by people of all ages toward long-term social and economic development, using the natural resources and talents of the community.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be in September 2016, at a place and time to be determined as the summer wanes. Watch the Community Events sheet for updates or last-minute changes.

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